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Project Description
Enables you to view and configure internal WSS auditing features through the SharePoint web interface.

Original AuditingDemo Code
Written by Ted Pattison
The first of a kind auditing demo was released in 07/2008 on Ted Pattison's website
Followed by a very informative 08/2008 MSDN Office Space article
The demo code was not released with a license in the posted download
Ted Pattison's demo code provides a great base for this project to work off and credit goes to him

WSS 3.0, VS2008 and STSDEV

Initial Goals
> Get more people involved with this project
> Complete Parsing EventData from XML into a "resolved" form - See Issue Tracker
> Very minor - Change the 3 icons present in the project

Current Status
> Enabling the AuditMasks from https://site/layouts/WSSAudit/AuditConfig.aspx - From Demo Code_
> Enabling the AuditMasks from https://site/layouts/WSSAudit/AuditLogViewer.aspx - From Demo Code_
> Enabling EventData in the Audit Log Viewer - Some parts of EventData still need to be resolved against SharePoint
> Interface enhancements and minor changes from original code

No license was attached to the initial AuditingDemo code on Ted Pattison's website
Since the bulk of this project was demo code the Ms-RL license was chosen, STSDEV is also using Ms-RL so we saw it fit
We really want this code cultivated into something very useful and available to anyone using WSS without MOSS

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